Your Neighbour Is Your Friend

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Hope there will be a Vol. 2 soon, the arrangements of these songs are colorful.
From: Jen
Childhood memories at grandfather's house sitting on the sofa, singing in Arabic. Drums on his leg and remembers his good memories. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go back 25 years to those moments! Thank you all!
From: adi
روعة يا سلام تبارك الله عليكم 🙏👍
דודו אני עובד עם מישהי ערביה ירושלמית וכשסיפרתי לה עליך, על העשייה שלך ועל סבא שלך היא התלהבה ואמרה שכולם מכירים אותם ואת המוסיקה הטובה שלהם. אז תדע שאנשים זוכרים ומעריכים! לך חלק עצום בכך, זו זכות גדולה בעיניי.
From: אלעד
This wonderful magical piece of your’s brought me joyful moments and made me wonder deeply how beautiful it would get if separated musical worlds were collided by genius people like you. Loved it? Ps: wished Iranian music had been a part of this.
From: Rasam
I love music like this, where its components are from different cultural contexts and musical traditions. We all share the listening experience of hearing elements that are unfamiliar and familiar. In that way, the music belongs to us all. Thank you
From: me, to you
Ahibak (Extended Official Video)
From: Dudu & Jonny
Lynn Adib, your vocal talents are akin to those of angels. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to witness your performance alongside Dudu in Israel.
מאז האלבום ״הגולה״ לא התרגשתי ככה מיצירה שלך דודו היקר אתה מלווה אותי מילדותי כילד הפלא העיראקי, אלבום כל כך מגוון ויפה הזמנתי הזמנה מוקדמת ומקווה אולי לאיזו ברכה ככה לכבוד יום הולדתי. וג׳וני, יא פאקינג רוקסטאר רק בריאות❤️
From: יונתן כהן
Dudu, you said in a press release this record was a "message in a bottle, and we don't know who it's for". This is the most breath-taking record I've heard in years; and I truly feel it was made for me. Thank you!
From: Yoel
I'd like to thank everyone involved for this beautiful, immersive experience. I know I'll be listening to this album again.
From: Dina
such an incredible achievement... such brilliant artists and musicians and such brilliant music... beauty at its finest!
Énorme respect à vous pour cet album, débordant de créativité mais surtout d'espoir <3
From: Louisroidgat2
Absolutely phenomenal! Each song is beautiful in its own way, but Ashufak Shay is my favorite!
From: Sai
We cannot just not be a part of what we were, and what we will be is a sweet mystery to us. Here we are in between, hearing, listening. “Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.” - Rumi
From: Aby
Hi Dudu&Jonny Thank you very much for your wonderful creatiation. Hoping for US tour.
From: Orit
Wonderful album! Amazing musicians! Thank you for this project! Would love to be able to see it live here in Portugal!
From: Tania
Yesterday I had a thought about how great it would be to hear stories about the journey of this production..and here Dudu, Jonny and Nour are actually posting some. So thanx for the sharing. Please continue!
From: Chaim
This idea of sharing feeling in messages exactly merges with the album concept! It’s a message in a bottle that you know someone will catch somewhere.
From: Chaim
As a Radiohead (Jonny) both with Dudu big fan, it’s a dream come true to me. Since the album went out It’s on repeat injected into my ears. And gets better and better in every listening. Can’t wait for 14/9’s show!
From: Chaim
What a stunning album Volume 2 ??
From: Ian
I’m enjoying his new beautiful album! I have an lp copy coming ! Can’t wait . Love from Louisiana
From: Francis
Great music Dudu, Jonny. Greetings from Peru.
From: Julio
Thank you very much,everyone. Loving this album especially the arrangements making these sounds so special to me and very contemporary ?
From: Barbara
Dudu and all participant artist in the great album,I wish you all that the songs will be anthem to patience , peace and love ❤️ ofer
From: ofer
'Ahibak' has some of the most beautiful instrumentals I've heard in years. Thankyou for such a powerful album.
From: Isaac
This is on behalf of my 87 years old grandma, regarding Ahibak: שיר יפה נעים לאוזן מדוייק, מרגש במילותיו. בא לך לשמוע אותו שוב ושוב ???
From: Shahar
‏Such an amazing co-operation between 2 giants ?????? ‏An album that is served in ‏moderation, like the really good things in life, without pressure, without sweat, with deep foundations in tradition and a touch of the most up-to-date sound
From: Ronit
Love you guys, great songs
From: Nadav
Fantastic album. A bridge between cultures, a musical gathering of neighbours, and a celebration of identities that are each unique but have a lot in common.
From: Uzi
A warm friendly greeting from Portorecanati, Marche, Italy e to the great artists who worked on this wonderful project and to everyone, whoever and wherever you are who enjoy good music.
From: Billy
יא דודו איזה פרויקט מדהים. מחכה לשמוע בלייב?
From: רומי
Peace is the only option
From: Boaz
Even though I don’t understand a word and it’s meaning, I totally love every song in that album. All the music and the instruments that wrapping each song are beautiful! Thank you for that!!
From: Noam
איזה יופי של פרוייקט. לא יודע מה האחרים, אותי זה מאוד מרגש. בהצלחה לכולם ?
From: Avi Harush
Good luck wirh the new album ❤️
From: Orit
Great record! It will be nice to see you in Israel while sitting and not only in a crowded standing concert!!
From: Moti
Fantastic album, Taq ou-Dub shot up to number one on my most listened-to songs of the last 6 months.
From: Sam
Growing up in Israel means being surrounded by both Middle Eastern, and Western cultures, and listening to this feels like the musical version of that experience. I hope this opens the door for further inter-cultural collaborations like it.
From: Itay
I can’t get enough of a good thing so even though this album just came out I am already wanting more. Please don’t let too much time pass before collaborating again!
From: Ape
Your collaboration has brought this music closer to out western ears. What great musicianship. Thank you
From: Dimitris
Hello Jonny! I love you and so happy of the work you are doing. You are my hero ^-^ . Wish I could see you live one day!! - All the love from Pakistan ♥️
From: mikael
such a beautiful album, and helped me enjoy more middle-eastern music, too!
Despite not understanding the language, I find these recordings and project speak to me in a way that touches deep within my soul. Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved in making this project a reality. May it bring joy to all.
From: Lawrence
this collaboration is gorgeous, jonny and dudu make beautiful music together <3 love them both
From: lana
This album has shaken me from a trance. A reminder to look for music outside of the algorithms. I especially love Ahibak and the beautiful video. Thanks to Jonny, Dudu, and everyone involved!
From: Tayo
Sitting in Kyiv under rocket attacks, I have been listening to and enjoying this album for several days in a row! Thank you! Middle Eastern music evokes only heartbreaking emotions! Love and peace!
From: Valentine
A beautiful, richly layered album connecting so much culture from so many walks of life. From traditional instruments/electronics to Dudu's bubbling basslines and Jonny's lattice-like guitar. All my love goes out to everyone here listening.
From: Chris
Love this collaboration guys! Jonny, you are so busy! We love when you are, and we love to see updates on everything you are doing!
From: Barb
Hate to break it to you, but the music actually makes sense. It’s gorgeous and joyous and groovy, and I keep coming back and hearing new details. The spirit of the work couldn’t be clearer. Thanks for making it.